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A More Dynamic Grassroots Program


To revitalize its political advocacy programs at a time when the association was facing a decrease in overall membership and its legislative challenges were increasing.

Rebuilding Volunteer Participation


To rebuild volunteer participation in the association’s nationwide grassroots advocacy team network, a key part of its government relations strategy on health care reform.

Bringing a More Strategic Focus to the PAC


To bring a more strategic focus to the PAC.

Identifying Federal Grassroots “Key Contacts”


To identify federal grassroots “key contacts” across the country in a more timely fashion.

Increasing PAC Participation


To increase PAC participation among employees in its nuclear power facilities.

Implementation of PAC Membership Campaigns


To increase PAC receipts across five disparate business units.

Increasing Receipts in the PAC


To substantially increase employee participation and receipts in the PAC.

Become a Million Dollar PAC


To become a million dollar PAC.

Understanding the PAC


To convince a leader of the company’s major U.S. business unit, who is a foreign national and dubious about the company’s involvement in politics, to authorize the PAC to proceed with a development campaign among his eligible employees.