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Case Studies : Dynamic Grassroots

A More Dynamic Grassroots Program



National financial services association

To revitalize its political advocacy programs at a time when the association was facing a decrease in overall membership and its legislative challenges were increasing.

Dunn Associates undertook a full audit of the association’s structure, policies and PAC and grassroots programs and resources.  We also conducted extensive personal interviews with 10 association staff and key volunteers to gauge their perspective on the association’s role in the public policy arena and the challenges it faces to increase its political strength.  In addition, we developed and sent an online survey to 30,000 members to determine their understanding and opinions on the value of political advocacy.

Our research resulted in a comprehensive report and presentation—highlighting seven key findings—and conveying a number of specific strategic recommendations to help the association reassert its role as the political arm of the industry.

The association is creating a culture for political advocacy with a strengthened PAC and a more dynamic grassroots program.