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Put Information in Their Hands

Successful PACs take time to educate and communicate with their members and potential members.  Today, we have more information at the tips of our fingers, but often don’t use it to our advantage.  Communications to your PAC audience don’t always need to be written from scratch.  The largest companies in the world are recognizing this fact as well.

Use Google News to set up alerts for articles related to your industry, politics, the elections, the lawmakers who represent headquarters.  Peruse the results once a day to see if there is anything worth sharing.

Politico was just ranked the most preferred newspaper for Capitol Hill.  Check out their blogs and subscribe to the ones that might provide something to share (Roll Call has a blog called At the Races too).

Also consider subscribing to the blogs written by your industry groups or by your co-workers.  Don’t expect that your PAC audience has seen them already.

Share links to apps that will provide your PAC audience with tools  to be more informed about and active in the political process.

Congress+ Listed as an Apple Staff favorite, this Congressional directory is available across all smartphone platforms.

Political Time Machine A cool app that allows you to watch candidates speak from different points in their careers.

CNN Election Center Provides news and polling, allows you to follow up to 15 races on a personalized “races to watch” list and will have real time results on Election Night.

Election Results A source for real time GOP primary and general election results.

Curating other sources for your PAC audience will save them time, but also place the information in context for how it affects them and your organization.

Let us know what other sources you like to use.

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