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Mobilizing Your Advocates


Grassroots advocacy is essential to any government relations effort. By recruiting, training and mobilizing natural constituencies (e.g., employees, retirees and members), Dunn Associates can help your team develop an ongoing, internal grassroots program that will help you win in the public policy arena.

Our programs focus on developing high-quality relationships between a network of individuals in your organization and their own elected officials. This is a qualitative rather than quantitative grassroots approach, often called “grasstops.”  We do not need large numbers of people to be involved, just several committed, educated and strategically located constituents in districts that are essential to meeting your public policy objectives.

Dunn Associates takes a comprehensive approach to building the internal grassroots capacities of an organization, providing services such as:

  • Strategic Program Planning & Advice
  • Identification & Recruitment of Advocates
  • Program Design & Development
  • Grassroots Training—live and web-based
  • Program Audits & Benchmarking
  • Research—online surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups
  • Message and Content Development
  • Motivational Senior Management Presentations—for leadership, conventions and workshops
  • Newsletter, Brochure and Website Content
  • Instructional Guides and Resources
  • Grassroots Videos