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Training & Presentations: Educating Your People

The Secret Weapon

Michael Dunn is a nationally renowned expert on government and political involvement and consistently wows his audiences with a combination of wit and political insight—he can do this for your audiences too.

Mike has been the secret weapon for hundreds of corporations and associations that want to grow their PACs, energize their constituent contacts, motivate their employees and members to be more politically effective and train their grassroots advocates.



  • Politics & You: How Your Political Involvement Can Make A Difference
  • Getting to the Top of the Influence Pyramid with Your Lawmaker
  • Why Politics Matters & What You Can Do to be Effective


  • Memorable Meetings with Your Lawmaker
  • The ABCs of Political Money: It’s Not What You Think
  • Building an Effective Relationship with Your Lawmaker
  • Understanding the Legislative Process: Step One for Effective Grassroots Advocacy
  • Why Supporting Your PAC is an Investment in Your Future

Half-Day/Full-Day Workshops

  • Grassroots Training Workshop
  • How to Solicit  Your Peers on behalf of Your PAC

See recent article by Michael Dunn for the Association of Advanced Life Underwriting, AALU Impact: How You Can Make A Difference.

Listen to Michael Dunn discussing the importance of political involvement with the American College of Cardiologists.