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Training & Presentations: Educating Your People

Political Education & Training Services

No matter how good your PAC and grassroots programs may be, they are destined to fail if your employees or members don’t understand politics and are not motivated to get involved.  Informative, relevant and entertaining training is key to the success of your programs.

Dunn Associates’ political education and training programs stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. We make it our business to deliver highly interesting, powerful messages that get our audiences to drop their pre-conceived—and often negative—attitudes about politics and accept the political realities that affect them and their shared futures.

Our live training programs are often supplemented with role play, interactive case studies, audiovisuals, simulations and/or group discussion.

We offer customized training tailored to your organization’s culture, issue priorities and objectives:

  • Constituent Advocate Training
  • Political Education
  • PAC Solicitor Training—group and individual
  • PAC Presenter Training
  • PAC Board Training
  • Political Leadership Briefings
  • Keynote Speeches & Breakout Sessions
  • Training for Legislative Day, or “Fly-in”
  • Train the Trainer Programs

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