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About Us: Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

“You were the highlight of the conference…I’d like to start identifying opportunities to get you in front of our member company CEO’s.  Thank you for a great job!”

“If you’re looking for a world-class public and political affairs consultant, Dunn Associates delivers. Their team has helped NPPC reinvigorate its political action committee and reenergize its grassroots.”

“Over the last decade Dunn Associates has performed numerous large group solicitations for our PAC at our nuclear facilities, service centers and corporate headquarters. Michael Dunn educates the audience about real life politics, about the issues that affect them and their families, and has them nodding their heads in agreement as they complete their enrollment cards. Our company-wide solicitation increased PAC contributions by nearly 50%, and on the average we have a third of our employees enroll in the PAC before they leave the presentations.”

“Your [one-on-one] PAC presentation coaching session was so helpful.  I wish I could put every one in our Washington office through it.”

“Dunn Associates truly is the leading expert in how to grow and maintain a successful PAC.”

“With the help of Dunn Associates, we more than doubled our PAC receipts in two years and continue to grow.”

“We have used Dunn Associates in all aspects of our program from solicitation strategy planning, PAC Ambassador training, solicitation presentations, campaign communications, advice on membership fulfillment and membership surveys.  Mike’s presentations to our Ambassadors and employees are memorable and effective and we continue to receive requests for more appearances.”

“Mike Dunn was everything you promised and more! If we had more motivators like him, PAC participation would be at 100 percent.”

“Mr. Dunn did a good job of getting us to be passionate about the PAC. This will be translated to our colleagues.”

“Dunn Associates’ value is unquestionable and if you aren’t already utilizing their PAC services, I highly encourage you to do so.”

“You were a hit Monday. They loved you!!  Thanks again!”

[About Dunn Associates training] – “He actually made politics interesting and entertaining!”

“True, to the point, very good session.”

“Insightful and sobering about how few people influence the political process.”