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PAC Myth #1 – I Got This!


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I initially began this blog post by writing, “My team was seated at the table to discuss our work agenda and talk about the upcoming PAC Conference.” But the truth of it is, we were all gathered around quite a few tables. One of us was sitting at their desk in Washington, DC, another at a kitchen table in South Carolina and yet another balancing a phone in one hand and a baby in another in a Chicago suburb.

Everyone is part of the Dunn team because they bring a unique and vital set of knowledge, insight and experience to our collective table. As I listened to the group share ideas during our call it became self evident that no one of would be able to accomplish everything. In order to excel as a team we needed to have keen understanding of whose talent would be best suited for each of the jobs ahead of us. Surely each of us could manage any of the tasks well, but which of us would excel with it?

I shared this experience because I believe that running a PAC is very similar to running a small business. PAC managers are tasked with facilitating a broad and often very long list of responsibilities. Budgeting, planning, marketing, fundraising, compliance, customer service, branding and so much more.

According to the Public Affairs Council’s 2013 PAC Benchmarking Survey, corporate and association PACs are managed by an average of one professional and 0.5 administrative staff members. Can you and your 0.5 assistant manage the many facets of this job? Absolutely. You are running a PAC because you possess the ability to leap across tables in a single bound. The real question is should you be doing it all? Will your PAC run as efficiently, grow as largely and impact change as significantly if you are trying to sit at every table?

Knowing when to reach for the resources that will advance your PAC’s goals is a strength not a weakness. Letting go of the idea that you must do it all moves you into the position of being able to do it best.

Amie Adams
DUNN Associates

Part 1 of a 5 part series focusing on common myths that can become roadblocks for PAC Managers. Next up, Myth #2 – Don’t Ask Too Often: PAC Solicitations.