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Developing Your PAC’s Full Potential

Peer-to-Peer Solicitation Programs

Dunn Associates is well-known for delivering the most successful PAC peer-to-peer fundraising programs in the industry.

Our peer-to-peer programs are capable of increasing PAC participation and receipts by more than 100%—no other PAC fundraising technique produces similar results. Dunn Associates has conducted hundreds of such campaigns and we continually seek ways to refine and improve our approach.

Our team trains and equips your employees or members to contact a specified number of their peers within a designated period of time. These contacts are normally conducted in small groups or on a one-on-one basis.

Important elements of a successful peer fundraising program include:

  • Strong support and involvement from top leadership;
  • Powerful messages tailored to your different target audiences;
  • A sufficient number of employees or members recruited by their supervisors to do the job;
  • Convincing training that motivates and educates the peer solicitors;
  • Excellent, user-friendly fundraising resources;
  • Motivational electronic, direct mail and/or video communications before, during and after the program; and
  • Incentives and recognition.