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NABPAC Study COVER graphs3

For some time, the gold ring for many corporate PACs has been to raise a million dollars every election cycle. Seventy-seven corporate PACs achieved this distinction in the 2012 cycle, with a handful exceeding $2 million or more. It’s worthwhile to look at how these PACs behave, because so often they are the ones creating the best practices that others look to in order to grow and perform well.

We had the opportunity to do that earlier this year, conducting a Survey of Million Dollar Corporate PACs for the National Association of Business PACs.grow and perform well.

Here are a few highlights of our findings:

  • 52% have employee participation rates of 20% or more
  • 84% of CEOs give $5,000 annually to the PAC
  • 52% of the PAC’s boards of directors conduct solicitations for the PAC
  • 29% solicit the corporation’s board of directors
  • 58% use video as a fundraising tool
  • 48% publish PAC contribution information on the company’s public website
  • 68% devote more than half of their budgets to outsourced services
  • 40% of PAC Directors have annual compensations of $150,000 or more

Check out the survey’s Report on Key Findings for more data to help benchmark your own PAC and develop strategies for the future.